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Your 3rd year anniversary is almost over so i have to write you guys something :)

Three years, Wow! Actually it seems longer. I been a fan of you guys since your hot blood days and i will always be your fan forever and ever and ever. It is so amazing how i don’t even know you guys in real life but i feel like i do by just watching every damn variety show you guys are in. You guys have been through so much and despite all the hardships you all are standing strong and never forgetting to thank your fans. That simply just make you guys even more amazing. I love how you guys are so honest and are never afraid to show your true self. Believe it or not thanks to you guys i know now to never give up because someday all the hard work will pay off. Thanks for always motivating me, just by listening to your songs, and inspiring me to do something in life. I love you guys. Never a day in my life have i regret being your a HOTTEST. I have to admit, its hard sometimes being a Hottest because of all the negative things people say about you guys and its hurts to see that but even if i don’t know you guys in real life i know you guys have an amazing heart and will never let you fans down.

So Kim Junsu, thank you for having such an amazing voice and being so funny. I think i enjoy watching you the most on variety shows. I absolutely love your Daegu accent and i love how you have so much passion for music and always trying your best in everything. Keep doing the amazing things you do! And also i’m patiently waiting for that solo album of yours ;)

Ok Taecyeon, your like the king of dork. The dorkiest idol i have ever seen and i love you for that. Thank you for always making me laugh even by just looking at your pictures. Your sense of style is better now but your personality hasn’t change much in 3 years but its okay i love the way you are. I think your the sexiest when you rap ;p

Jang Wooyoung, thank you for being so fucking adorable. You will always look like the maknae to me, sorry chan. 

Hwang Chansung, you giant adorable maknae. Your love for food is indescribably, its cute. I still remember watching you in unstoppable high kick, your were so cute and i totally think you should grow out your hair again. Your such a cute beastly maknae. 

Nichkhun, thank you for being my first bias in 2pm. You will always be my Thai prince. I’m so jealous of your baby face cus you’re never going to age. You are truly inspiring, coming from a thai family and now being able to speak fluent korean. 

Lee Junho, first of all can i just say i can probably stare at you smiling all day, yeah kinda creepy i know but your smile is so damn cute its impossible not to stare! Yes i think its kinda obvious your my favorite member lol. Your voice, your smile, your laugh, your hair, your butt, and your passion for music is all so amazing. Your amazing. I also will be waiting for your solo album!!! Thank you for being you! 

and last but not least

Park Jaebum, you will always be a part of 2pm to me. I don’t care what people say. Yes, its super depressing that you have to leave just like that but i think it has made and you 2pm stronger than ever, so thank you! I love you so fucking much, it makes me think i’m crazy sometimes. They days when you were still in 2pm will always be the most precious to me. My dream will always be that someday you perform with 2pm at least just one more time.

Thank you 2PM, I love you guys. ♥

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